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Resources for Better Personal Organization

Common Sense Living
Among other things, this blog site shows you how to make time for more fun things in life. The Juggling Act is an ezine that includes motivations, recipes, tips and more to help you manage your time. The site includes sections on house cleaning, diet & health, heathy eating, getting motivated, taking care of yourself, fast food ideas and recipes, speed cleaning and working at home with kids. The site offers a free mini-course to change your life in just two weeks. There are also links to zip codes, car rental companies, travel agents, driving directions, drugstores, e-cards, online stamps, vacation planning, and phone services are included to make homes more organized via the Internet.

10 Time Management Tips That Work
This article on Entrepreneur shows you how to manage your day by understanding the difference with 10 time management tips. It claims that everything we've ever learned about managing time is a complete waste because it doesn't work. You have to learn what time is before you can manage it. Time is when stuff happens. And there are two types of time: clock time and real time. In the latter, all time is relative. Prioritizing your individual to do list helps stay organized, as does designating a specific location for your keys, watch, wallet and other important everyday items. Keeping a telephone log is also suggested, as is doing the most desirable task first. More tips for individuals to carry notebooks, stay under scheduled, manage cooking and organize television viewing. An easy layout gives more tips for organized e-mail, achieving goals, making lists and overcoming personal procrastination.

100 Awesome Social Media Sites
This page on the website contains links to 100 different social media websites that will help you get control and keep control of your personal and business life, no matter how cluttered and disorganized. Geared towards students, but of value to others, the sites cover business, education, dating, news and information sharing, travel, shopping and deals, staying in touch (sharing photos, status updates, links, music, etc.), making a difference (volunteer opportunities and causes to support), organization and personal growth (stay organized and keep track of personal goals), health and fitness, special interest (social sites for women, bookworms, musicians and more), finance, religion and spirituality, family, and using the Internet, and more.

Personal Time Management
This personal time management and goal setting guide is here to help you with the rest of the time management planting process. It gives you the seeds of solid time management principles. It guides you, step by step, through various aspects of the time management development process. You get hold of proven time management techniques and you learn to get help from available time management tools. Site includes sections on finding time, goal setting, critical skills, making smart decisions, overcoming procrastination, powerful quotes, student tips, links and articles about setting goals, managing individual time and more time management tricks.

Browse Through Best of the Web for Personal Organization Links
Best of the Web offers a lengthy list of links for Internet users who want to get organized and stay on track. The list offers something for everyone, including companies that do in-home or office assessments as part of their services, to those who will help you to stage your home for sale. A number of approaches to dealing with issues around getting organized and streamlining procedures are represented, including adopting Zen principles or feng shui to help.

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