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Resources on the Sport of Triathlon

Triathlon Beginners
Ideal for new triathlon participants, this websites includes everything from triathlon clothing and gear, as well as preparing for a triathlon race and trigger point technologies. The website also includes weight training, iron training, cycling articles, running articles, running workouts and swimming articles and workouts. Pace charts for cycling, treadmill, running and swimming are included, as well as product reviews and triathlon news and race calendars.

The First Triathlon
Ever wonder where triathlons - running, swimming and biking - originated from? Four years before the Ironman, the first triathlon was held on Mission Bay in San Diego. It was directed and conceived by Jack Johnstone and Don Shanahan and sponsored by the San Diego Track Club. This website on the early history of the sport tells the story of the developments that led to the first triathlon. as told by co-founder Jack Johnstone, who started running in 1971 and was eventually inducted into Triathlete Magazine's Triathlon Hall of Fame om 1998. This history of the triathlon includes many pictures and original race times.

Inside Triathlon Magazine
Inside Triathlon is a magazine that features all aspects of the triathlon lifestyle, including: triathlon wetsuits, injuries and conditions, planning your race season, updated news and press releases about triathlon happenings, and more. Products and triathlon gear reviews are included. A coaching center provides endurance and energy advice, while a links section includes more resources for triathletes. Race coverage is updated with triathlon race happenings.

Choosing a Wetsuit for a Triathlon
This triathlete's home page gives practical tips on how to choose a wetsuit. Her article is in bulleted format, and very easy to read and understand. She had attended a wetsuit clinic and typed up her notes, adding personal commentary. In them she says wetsuits are needed to keep warm in cold water and enhance swimming speed. The buoyancy, weight and drag of legs and hydrodynamic material helps speed up your swimming time. She discusses wetsuit construction and materials, and the differences between surfing wetsuits and triathlon wetsuits. Full vs. sleeveless wetsuits vs. two-piece wetsuits is also discussed, as is how to ensure a proper fit. She lists water temperatures that are appropriate for various types of triathlon wetsuits.

Triathlon Biking and Sports Nutrition Forums
Everything you need to know about the cycling portion of a triathlon can be found here, including forums about cycling equipment, cycling training, power training, triathlon equipment reviews and classifieds. A section about health and nutrition is included, where triathletes can talk with others about various bicycling related issues. Road racing, track racing, cycling news, mountain bikes, and regional forums are also included. A great place to get first-hand advice about bicycling products and gear.

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