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Resources on Real Estate Investment

Why Invest in Hotel Apartments?
Gulf News Property through this article indicates that by 2020, the number of visitors to Emirates will reach 20 Million. Thus, the future prospects for hotel apartments are quite bright. This segment of the Dubai property market is slated to outpace all other types of commercial real estate. However, oversupply may become a problem, jeopardizing the revenue growth opportunity for the hotel apartments. The experienced investors should go with renowned hotel brands as they offer security and long-term benefits. The large hotel chains are much better positioned to provide excellent management services like online booking, start amenities, 24/7 security, property maintenance and so on. Thus, wealthy investors looking for a prime business-cum-leisure location and good investment prospects will find Dubai an ideal choice.

Where Does Real Estate Investing Fit in the Baby Steps?
Dave Ramsey, an experienced real estate investor, offers some pearls of investment wisdom through his blog, which are as follows: be patient and wait for the right deal, do not buy a property for tax savings, consider using Individual Retirement Arrangements (IRA) funds for more tax advantages, choose a realtor who you can trust. Dave Ramsey himself, in spite of his high credentials, still takes the help of trusted real estate agents before making investment decisions. As the IRA funds disbursement involves complicated paperwork, it is always better to work with a realtor in real estate matters.

Best Hospitality REITs in Singapore by Motley Fool
This Motley Fool article discusses real estate investment trusts based out of Singapore. Out of the 31 trusts operating in Singapore, six are related to the hospitality sector. These hospitality real estate investment trusts own and operate hotels and service apartments. The market truth is that volatility in tourism traffic inflow leaves a strong impact on the RevPAR. As the RevPAR varies widely from year to year, the revenue generation also fluctuates to a great degree. The other business model known as lease of hotel properties to hotel managers helps to overcome the rough times for hotel business in Singapore.

Brexit Could Signal Boom for Miami Real Estate
The United Property Invest showcases in this article possibility of Miami becoming the greatest real estate destination for foreigners. If UK leaves the European Union, that move will make Miami, the next biggest destination for investors. Miami real estate market will transform into a boom town. London monopolized the most lucrative market in global real estate, but the UK decision to leave EU will push Miami up the list of best global investment destination. The new image of Miami will help the city attract more overseas investors seeking stable market in the U.S. The World Center in Miami, scheduled to be complete by 2018 will be the largest commercial space in Miami, wooing investor-buyers from 35 different countries.

Why Invest in Commercial Real Estate?
This Colliers article makes a case for commercial real estate investments. Real estate offers many benefits unavailable in other investment types—tax deductions, property appreciation, full control over the property, annual fees, and 1031 tax-free exchanges. The article deals with each of the mentioned benefits in some detail. This article also suggests that though this form of investment creates personal wealth for the investor, the three professionals who should make life of an investor easy are a real estate broker, a lawyer, and an accountant. Read the full article to find out why commercial real estate investments are successful.

Real Estate Tips by Grace Frank Group
The Grace Frank Group has now partnered with Real Estate Partners Chattanooga. The recent opening of its East office has prompted the company to share its hard earned business insights with the clients. Starting in 2007, the company has grown by leaps and bounds, now making it possible for the company to offer dream living spaces in Chattanooga. As an independent, innovative space designers of Chattanooga, The Grace Frank Group offers many fine investment tips in this article, which is a must read for all real estate professionals.

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