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Resources on Home Office Topics

Basics of Planning a Home Office
A wealth of articles for those wishing to decorate a home office, including planning a home office budget, getting inspired, do-it-yourself home office decorating, easy lighting projects, hiring a professional designer for home office decoration, home office considerations, needs and home office solutions, as well as lighting a home office, window coverings and window treatments for home offices, a decorating worksheet, ceiling fans, credenzas, home office feng shui, home office design, home office bargains, home office storage solutions, home office ergonomics, home office products, pictures for your home office and more.

Organizing Your Home Office by
Organization is the key to keeping a home office running smoothly and to keeping your home office from eventually spilling out and taking over your entire house. A good filing system is the keystone to an organized and well-run office and this site is filled with tips for creating and maintaining a good, simple, and most importantly workable filing system. One article on this site discussing how to organize your files with a handheld labeler. Other articles discuss keeping papers under control, creating a good filing system, and even organizing business cards. In organizing files, there is a multi-step approach: 1) sort & discard; 2) determine quantiy files needed; 3) identifying/ labeling the files; 4) estimate the file cabinet size. You then need to maintain the file system. Another point is to open your mind to different containers in which to file papers, as you are not necessarily stuck with a traditional file cabinet. Alternative file holders can be anything from wicker baskets to decorative shopping bags.

Hotel & Cheap Car Rentals for Business Travelers
The cost of traveling for business can add up very quickly, and this site offers helpful suggestions for keeping costs down. Along with good suggestions to avoid overpaying for hotel accommodation, it has suggestions for saving money on a car rental. Check out these creative cost-saving measures for cheap car rentals, including using a car-sharing service and asking for a discount, to get the best possible pricing on a rental car. If you're looking for car rentals Los Angeles, see Marathon Car Rental, an independent rental company serving beach cities such as Los Angeles, Venice, Hermosa, Manhattan and Redondo Beach.

Your Bulk Mailing Software Can't Calculate Rates; Check Out this Online Rate Calculator
When you are trying to figure out how much it will cost to get your mass mailing delivered, look to this Business Price Calculator from the United States Postal Service for help. Whether your program includes bound printed material, media mail or library mail, you can use the calculator to get rates. Links to business mailing information, postal zone charts, and postal AFO/FPO restrictions are provided. SmartSoft's Mail Manager and Lorton Data's A-Qua Mailer are available from MailersMVP, which offers a best-price guarantee on all mailing software for bulk direct mail marketing.

Get Your Home Office Set Up with Tips from This Old House
Do you need some inspiration for your home office design? Check out the image gallery posted on by This Old House! The site also includes helpful articles about going green for your home office space, choosing an Internet-based phone service, adding a second phone line, tips for working with an interior designer, and more. Discover how you can use space in your kitchen, basement or attic into a workplace.


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