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Resources on Gardening Topics (02)

North American Rock Garden Society
The North American Rock Garden Society is an organization that aims to cultivate and conserve rock garden plants and to disseminate knowledge and information about the value of rock gardens and how rock garden plants behave. The society also wishes to increase people’s interest in studying, building and designing rock gardens. This resource serves as a one-stop shop for members of the society and for other interested parties as well, featuring different rock garden plants, plant reviews, news events, forums on different rock garden topics, and photo galleries. Other features include book reviews, information on the society’s Seed Exchange campaign, and a link to the Rock Garden Quarterly, the society’s publication.

How to Use the USDA's Planting Zone Map
This article by Tom Oder, a writer with a passion for environmental and sustainable writing, discusses how gardeners can make use of the 2012 USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map the way it was intended to be used. In this article, USDA's Agriculture Research Service public specialist Kim Kaplan cautions people against thinking that the map is a proof of worsening global warming. Instead, the map should be used for what it really is – a guide for determining which plants can be grown in one’s garden based on the lowest temperatures in one's area. The article also points out the differences between the 2012 map and the previous map.

Growing Hydroponic Plants as a Hobby
This website features a circular about hydroponics. It is titled "Hydroponics as a Hobby: Growing Plants Without Soil." The circular includes many topics such as what is required from hydroponic plant growth, an overview of hydroponic systems, water culture, aquaculture, aggregate culture, aeroponics, continuous flow systems, seed germination and nutrient germination. Also included is a section about nutrient deficiencies and hydroponic experiments.

Your Latest DIY Project: A Waterfall Garden Fountain
Adding a waterfall garden fountain to your back yard is a sure-fire way to create a space that is soothing and relaxing. Once you choose a style and location for your outdoor fountain, you can start to put the whole project together. Discover how to position a barrel for maximum effect, how to position the tubing for the water pump, and the steps you need to take to finish the job. Before you know it, you will have an outdoor fountain you can be proud of!

Growing a Floating Hydroponic Garden
This informational brochure includes information about how to build a flating hydroponic garden. Construction tips are included, as in building a rectangular frame, lining a frame, securing the liner and more. The pictures included illustrate the many steps needed to create a floating hydroponic garden. Container choices, crops and new research is also included in this guide.

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