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Resources for Better Personal Organization

Organization Habits on
If you want to practice the habits of an organization, Leo Babauta explains four of them on his famous blog But first, he explains the three major reasons why you should from these habits - to reduce stress, to have an effective organization, and to build a trustworthy relationship. Leo also mentioned seven of the tools that he uses to have a trusted and organized system. For the habits, these include having a place for everything, avoiding procrastination, not spending too much time checking the email inbox, and reviewing the system regularly.

Get Organized For Family Vacations
This article on Organized Home provides several good ideas for planning a trip for the family. For example, use plastic zipper bags to make individual toiletry kits for everyone, as well as separate kits for first aid, sewing, stain removal, and security. A cosmetic bag and a breath mint tin also work well as packing kits. The articles discusses making check lists prior to packing, and to check off items as they get packed--this way you won't leave anything important behind. There are many other great tips such as removing all unneeded items from your wallet, inspect your walking shoes and shoelaces, create a special portfolio just for travel documents (and keep this inside a plastic folder), and keep and emergency contact card and give a copy to a spouse or partner.

Organized Artistry
This site by professional organizer Stacey Agin Murray (who the site says started organizing in the womb) provides a new article on organizing on every month and now has a large archive of them under the categories of Home Organizing and Personal Organizing. The Home Organizing category has articles for organizing such things as photographs (including digital), the food pantry, the refrigerator (both inside and out), clothes closets, a garage sale, a recipe collection, children's artwork, and more. The Personal Organizing category covers organizing of your resume, tax time, travel, wedding planning, back to school, holidays, new year's resolutions, time tracking, and much more.

How To Organize Your Life
This article on the Ask Men website is filled with insights, advice, tips and tricks for getting your life back on track and keeping it there. The opening paragraph on the site sums up personal organization quite nicely: It's one thing if you never misplace anything; it's another to be an organized individual. The difference lies between knowing how to get by, and knowing how to surpass your potential. By being organized, you'll not only be managing things, you'll end up on top of them by becoming more productive. Tips for keeping your life and your office organized include make a simple filing system and use it! Open mail and deal with it as soon as possible and throw out junk mail as quickly as possible. The final piece of advice is simply to keep an eye on things (literally). Make a point of looking at your work areas and filing or tossing out anything that's out of place. By simply keeping up with things, by never letting even small things get out of hand and grow into huge messes, it is easy to keep your life, your home and your work neatly organized and easily accessible.

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