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Resources for Better Personal Organization

Preventing Identity Theft - Good Information from the FTC
Identity theft is on the rise and preventing it is an oft-overlooked but important part of maintaining efficient personal organization, because falling victim to it can place a great demand on your time, not to mention the emotional drain and aggravation and financial loss. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has good information on its dedicated identity theft website, It offers afticles on how identity theft occurs, how to stay alert and monitor for potential abuses, and what you can do today to minimize falling victim to identity theft. And if you should be a victim to it, there is a section of immediate steps you should take as well as a great deal of detail on how to resolve specific problems, such as fraudulent bank withdrawls, bankruptcy fraud, credit report fraud, credit cards, debt collectors, driver's license, investment fraud, phone fraud, social security number misuse, tax fraud, passport fraud and mail fraud.

Get Organized Wizard Blog
As the name suggests, Get Organized Wizard Blog has tons of tips and advice on how to get organized on a regular basis and on different seasons of the year. Among them are 30 home decluttering tips, solutions on challenges of home office, how to stay productive at home even when you're sick, different ways to maintain a healthy mindset, and how to improve your current work station. There is a huge checklist for cleaning on daily basis, weekly, monthly, half-yearly, and yearly. You can also read some road safety tips, especially if you are with your kids.

Get It 2gether
The goal of this site is to bring balance and freedom to your life through organization. Knowing where to find something when you need it is a wonderfully freeing experience, as is finding balance in the time we are allotted each day for our many tasks. Site includes tips for getting individually organized, tips and ideas, articles, newsletters, pictures and individual organization resource links. Topics covered include holiday organization, planning a vacation, making tax time easier and staying clutter free. Tips for organizing closets, offices, desks, garages and kitchens are offered in easy numbered lists.

Get Organized Now
The author of Finally Organized, Finally Free shares tips and more free resources for individuals to organize their homes, offices and persona lives. Topics include a forum, past newsletters, easy organizers, a free organizing idea pack, organizing information, easy bill paying, a marketing guide, a free newsletter, a holiday planning, a reading clinic, e-courses on personal organization, an organizers guide, articles, cool tools and more. A monthly organizing checklist and help for professional organizers is also available from founder Maria Gracia.

The 5-Minute Personal Organization Tip That Works
Getting organized doesn't necessarily mean you should always spend time, as there are simple activities that will take you five minutes or less. In this article, you will learn six of them. This includes planning your schedule for today, and checking your yesterday's notes and list of action items. It is also recommended that you do everything to repeat your successes, and choosing your priorities as you write your daily to-do list. But of course, you should be able to commit yourself in following your plan.

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