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Resources on Gardening Topics (01)

Gardening Advice from the Royal Horticultural Society
Botanists, entomologists, plant pathologists, plant physiologists and soil scientists work closely with a team of experienced general horticultural advisers. Together they respond to the scientific and advisory needs of RHS members. The site contains information on a wide range of topics to help with your gardening. Learn about brown leaves on trees, camellias, popular plants, popular horticultural topics, garden design or weather conditions.

Gardening Tips & Ideas
The Jackson & Perkins company has put together this page of Gardening tips and ideas for beginning or advanced gardeners. The front page offers garden planning tips to keep in mind. There is also a section titled Grower's Corner, which contains gardening information and ideas form a horticulturist. Season rose advice is offered, and a variety of many other articles and sections are also featured prominently. Through this site you can learn about container gardening, hanging basket plants, and fall bulb gardening. If you feel you have read up enough on gardening tips, check out the gift ideas section.

Better Homes and Gardens
The website of the popular monthly magazine was created to enhance the information that is provided in the print magazine. But it the information also stands alone in value without the print magazine, and the gardening section of the site is one of the premier online resources for gardening information. Choose from a variety of topics: landscaping, flowers, projects, tips and techniques, regional gardening, trees & shrubs, garden care, lawns and garden crafts. Get garden tips via email if you sign up for the BHG newsletter. Expert advice is offered in various categories and you can even check out the store.

A Miracle in Hydroponic Growth
Miracle farms is a hydroponics complex in Canada. The main goal of the company in charge of the hydroponics project has been to create a commercially-viable hydroponics greenhouse complex capable of energy-efficient, year-around fresh food production in severely cold or hot climates. All of the scientifical research and monitoring information is updated on this website. The website includes a tour of the hydroponics complex, and the company running it also offers hydroponic complex consulting. Visitors to the site can take a tour of the hydroponics complex, which uses the Nutrient Film Technique.

Gardening Resources for Gardeners of All Ages and Abilities
Enjoy a wide variety of articles on this helpful online gardening guide designed to support people in their continuing efforts to garden. Topics include roof toop gardens, overcoming health problems, the soothing effect of gardening, among many others. Plus you'll find pratical tips and ideas to help you garden forever.


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